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  • produces — pro·duce || prÉ‘ duːs ,prəʊ /prÉ’ djuːs n. product, output; harvest, total agricultural product; crops, yield v. manufacture; publicize (a film); present; cultivate; give birth (animals); cause …   English contemporary dictionary

  • The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters — It consists of a self portrait of the artist with his head on a table, as owls and bats surround him, assailing him as he buries his head into his arms. Arguably the most famous plate of the series, it has gone on to become an iconic image, with… …   Wikipedia

  • produce — ♦ produces, producing, produced (The verb is pronounced [[t]prədju͟ːs, AM du͟ːs[/t]]u>. The noun is pronounced [[t]prɒ̱djuːs, AM duːs[/t]]u> and is hyphenated prod+uce.) 1) VERB To produce something means to cause it to happen. [V n] The… …   English dictionary

  • bears fruit — produces fruit; produces results …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Commodity Research Bureau — Produces a popular price index of 17 commodities ( commodity) which is often used to track inflationary trends in the economy. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary …   Financial and business terms

  • PENTIUM — Produces Erroneous Numbers Through Incorrect Understanding of Mathematics …   Glossary of chat acronyms & text shorthand

  • heat recovery system — Produces and stores hot water by transferring heat from condenser to cooler water …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • List of Florida hurricanes (pre-1900) — The list of Florida hurricanes prior to 1900 extends back to 1523 and encompasses 159 Atlantic hurricanes known to have affected Florida. Since the start of the Atlantic hurricane database in 1851, there were only eight years in which no tropical …   Wikipedia

  • angiosperm — /an jee euh sperrm /, n. Bot. a plant having its seeds enclosed in an ovary; a flowering plant. Cf. gymnosperm. [ANGIO + SPERM] * * * ▪ plant Introduction       any member of the more than 300,000 species of flowering plants (division Anthophyta) …   Universalium

  • Minor Technologies of Homeworld — Homeworld = From the original Homeworld, arranged by relation. Fighter Systems Fighter Drive One of the first of many technologies that you are able to develop. It produces the drives necessary for a fighter s propulsion. Allows for the… …   Wikipedia

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